How to Make Money as a Service-Based Business Owner

Just because you are a small business, agency, or freelancer doesn’t mean that you can’t dream big. After all, growing through innovation isn’t just for the big corporations. However, most people in service-based businesses seem to think that in business we must have that one big idea.

The life changer.
The amazing innovative product or service.
The killer launch.
The smash hit.

Hand shaking alam digital agency
hand shaking

That one magic thing that finally tips the balance in their favor, opens the floodgates and lets the cash flow in.

But I disagree! For me it wasn’t one big idea that helped me reach six figures (and beyond), but rather lots of small ideas. Little wins that added up over time.
It was about fixing small failures and recognizing opportunities for improvement.

Yes, it may sound less exciting and far from entrepreneurial, but for me mopping up the business crumbs rather than chasing the big fat bread bun worked.

So, based on what I’ve learned, here are the ways I think a service-based business could make more money:

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